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The Iowa-based firm specializes in providing growth equity capital and succession planning liquidity.
Chief executive Kevin Schwartz says ag-related strategics like former AgroFresh parent Dow Chemical remain active buyers and sellers across the food and ag value chain.
Soil, carbon, farm
Climate Asset Management’s investment vehicle will straddle its existing carbon and natural capital strategies and is open to investment from Apple supply chain companies to address its Scope 3 emissions.
barley crop
Agreement between the two countries raises hope that 80.5% tariffs on Australian barley exports to China could be lifted within the next four months.
Agtech, indoor ag, vertical farming, biotech
The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the venture capital downturn of 2022 have created innumerable opportunities across the agtech space.
ICVCM launches its global benchmark; Rabobank is optimistic on poultry markets; Fort Lauderdale has $35m for farmland; and GIIN’s ag impact benchmark. Welcome to Field Notes, the start-of-the-week briefing for our valued subscribers only. Tips and feedback to: binyamin.a@pei.group  
Robotics picking fresh produce
Fund principal Andrea Woodside said there is need for ‘a different type of capital’ in climate tech to complement VC and private equity.
Chairman Paul Pittman says a planned solar project on the $3.7m property is not guaranteed but has a 'reasonably high probability' of going forward.
An area where reclamation has happened through plating native seeds
NativeSeed operates mainly in the Rocky Mountain states and the Pacific Coast, areas battered by extreme weather.
The CEE manager sold Polish canned fish company Graal for a 3x cash-on-cash return after focusing on governance and water wastage.

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