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Food Initiative director Noah Coen-Cline says the Growing Justice initiative reflects an effort to engage directly with communities impacted by its grants aimed at supporting sustainable food chains.
PDI Agri 2021 Key trends
Investors are increasingly willing to walk away from funds that lag in DE&I.
Mary Delahunty, head of impact at HESTA, on the dangers of tokenism and why a DE&I mindset is critical to ensuring a just energy transition.
PDI Agri 2021 11 Questions
Transforming your DE&I culture and strategy can be both an exciting and a daunting task. Here are some of the important questions firms must continually ask themselves as they seek to create truly diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations.
PDI Agri 2021 11 Questions Q8
Specific legal and practical challenges can hinder a diversity, equity and inclusion program.
PDI Agri 2021 Roundtable
A group of leading professionals discuss how their organizations are putting diversity, equity and inclusion ambitions into practice.
PDI Agri 2021 11 Questions Q5
Diversity, equity and inclusion is considered one of the four investment engagement priorities for 2021, making it vital to connect with investors on this issue.
PDI Agri 2021 11 Questions Q7
Instilling the right ethos throughout the portfolio represents both a challenge and an opportunity for fund managers.
PDI Agri 2021 11 Questions Q3
Evidence of a positive correlation is plentiful in the corporate world.

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